Here are some links we like about conflict transformation:


Education for Conflict Resolution (ECR) is a non-profit agency with offices in North Manchester, Huntington and Warsaw, Indiana.


The Help Increase the Peace Project (HIPP) is a participatory, experiential program developed by AFSC in 1991 to address issues of interpersonal violence, prejudice, and injustice with participants of all ages, with a focus on middle-and high-school age youth.


On Earth Peace

Grounded in the Christian Anabaptist tradition, provides peace education for children, teens and adults, conflict resolution and mediation.



Mennonite Conciliation Service

was establish in 1979 to encourage Mennonites and others to actively pursue peaceful resolution of conflicts.





Downloadable materials on NONVIOLENCE available in English and Arabic:

Video of Lecture by Gene Sharp, "The Power and Potential of Nonviolent Struggle":