Here are a few of the workshop topics I would be happy 

to lead for your company or organization:


*Public Speaking for Success

*Managing Conflict Well

*Understanding Cultural Differences

*Strategic Planning

*Encouraging Creativity in Your Organization

*What’s Your Leadership Style?

*Mediation at Work

*Listening for Leadership, 

*Communication Coaching for Productivity

*Positive Teamwork

*Coping with Difficult People

*Learning to Love Logframes

*What’s Your Conflict Style?

*Perception is not Reality!


*Better Interpersonal Communication Skills

*Making Better Decisions

*Are you a Leader or a Manager?

*Cultural Customs of the Middle East

*Best Communication Skills for Teachers

*ESL Teachers Training

*Basics of Research

*Ethics in Research

*Communication Skills for Interviewing

*Cheating in Research

*Grant Proposal Writing

*Monitoring & Evaluation Strategies

*Community Organizing

 *Designing a Campaign

Many other topics are possible--just ask!