Skills for Solutions provides the following services:

*teach English as a Second Language private lessons or group lessons

*design your brochures

*write grant proposals

*coach you in writing or public speaking skills

*diagnose your organization's communication needs

*help improve your organizational climate

*train in many communication skills and management skills

*lead strategic planning processes

*increase your employee motivation and creativity. 

Trainings can be tailor made to your needs.  Here is a sampling of our training topics:

*Conflict Resolution

*What’s Your Leadership Style?

*Are you a Leader or a Manager?

*Best Practices of Supervision

*Public Speaking for Success

*Understanding Cultural Differences

*Strategic Planning

*Encouraging Creativity in

Your Organization


*Positive Teamwork

*Grant Writing Basics

*Mediation at Work

*What’s the Best Organizational Culture?

*Listening for Leadership

*Communication Coaching

for Productivity

*Coping with Difficult People

*Learning to Love Project


*What’s Your Conflict Style?

*Designing Effective Lessons

*Training for Trainers

*Intercultural Competence

*Better Interpersonal

Communication Skills

*Making Better Decisions

*Cultural Customs of the Middle East

*Cultural Customs of China

*Best Media Relations

*Crisis Management

*Effective Time Management

*Using PowerPoint Effectively

*ESL Teachers Training

*ESL Private Lessons

Dr. Kathy holds a PhD in Communication Studies from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois USA, specialized in Intercultural Communication.  Her M.A. study also majored in Communication Studies, specializing in Interpersonal and Small Group Communication. She also holds a certificate in Education Leadership. Contact for Dr. Kamphoefner's complete C.V. 










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