Skills for Solutions founder, Dr. Kathleen R. Kamphoefner, Ph.D., is a professional trainer and communication consultant.  She is available to teach lessons, conduct trainings and diagnose communication needs of individuals or organizations. Her areas of expertise include conflict skills, communication, and English as a Second Language.  She can also coach writing or public speaking.

Dr. Kathy can provide ESL lessons tailored to individual needs.  She can work with your organization or company about how to improve your organizational climate, communication skills, management skills, strategic planning processes, and increase your employee motivation and creativity.  Known for involving, interactive workshops, she has led many training sessions for a many different kinds of groups in the US and many other countries. Proposal writing, research design and M&E services are also available.  See us also for the communication tools your firm needs.  We are also ready to design your research, your brochures or newsletters.


Dr. Kathy holds a PhD in Communication Studies from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois USA, specialized in Intercultural Communication.  Her M.A. study also majored in Communication Studies, specializing in Interpersonal and Small Group Communication.  Contact for Dr. Kamphoefner's complete C.V. 



Based in Raleigh, North Carolina USA. Willing to travel.








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